Blackwing Descent Heroic Raid Boost

Blackwing Descent Heroic Raid

In Cataclysm Classic, raids are the pinnacle of PvE challenges, requiring a high level of skill and coordination from every team member. To conquer one of these formidable raids, players need to bring a wide range of elements to the table, including high overall item level, optimized builds, extensive knowledge, and exceptional personal skills. Furthermore, the use of strategic consumables and other tools can also be crucial to success. The Blackwing Descent Raid is a prime example of this, and for those who want to bypass the challenges and just obtain all the coveted loot, a reliable solution is now available! Book a Carry now!

What will you get:

  • Blackwing Descent Heroic Raid completed;
  • At least 2 pieces of gear from 10-man runs
  • At least 4 pieces of gear from 25-man runs
  • All 6 Bosses defeated during the boost;
  • Raid-related Achievements unlocked;
  • All gold, gear and resources we’ll get during the service completion. 

Additional Options:

If you opt for the loot priority option, you will receive every upgrade that drops for your spec and class


  • 85 level character on WoW Classic account.

Rest Assured:

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Our boosters are the Top in the game with decades of gameplay experience, come and enioy

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Our boosters are the Top in the game with decades of gameplay experience, come and enioy

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