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Cataclysm Profession Boosting:

Unlock the full potential of your chosen profession in the most efficient way possible with our Profession Kits! No more tedious and repetitive farming – our kits provide a comprehensive package of resources designed to level up your profession to an impressive skill level of 525

When you opt for our Profession Kit, ou'll receive a treasure trove of resources conveniently delivered to your in-game mail. These resources have been carefully curated to cover all your crafting needs, ensuring that you can create a variety of items as you progress towards that coveted 525 skill level.

What's included in your package:

Resources tailored to the professions of your choice.

A hassle-free path to skill from level 1 to 525 .

Say goodbye to the grind and hello to a world of crafting mastery. Let us handle the hard work while you enjoy the fruits of your profession. Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting out, our Profession Kits are your shortcut to excellence.


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Our boosters are the Top in the game with decades of gameplay experience, come and enioy.

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Our boosters are the Top in the game with decades of gameplay experience, come and enioy

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Our boosters are the Top in the game with decades of gameplay experience, come and enioy

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As World of Warcraft Classic has evolved through its expansions, the game has generally become more accessible, including the process of gold farming. Yet, Lich King Classic remains one of the more challenging expansions for gold accumulation. Even though earning gold is somewhat more straightforward in this expansion, it still demands time and effort. For a quicker solution, consider opting for our competitively priced WoW Classic Gold at Stashed.

Different players have diverse preferences when it comes to farming WotLK Gold Classic. While professions might appeal to some, others might lean towards the basic drop farming from mobs. It largely hinges on the time you can dedicate and the patience you possess.

Farming WotLK gold can be incredibly challenging, particularly without insights into precise farming locations or specific strategies. Nevertheless, gold remains the game's paramount resource, and nearly all activities are intertwined with it. WoW Classic Gold can be used to acquire top-tier gear, resources, and even mounts from fellow players, vendors, or auctions. It's the game's primary currency, and the quantity you have can significantly shape your gameplay and efficacy. This is why Stashed offers WoW Classic Gold at an affordable rate.

While Stashed does everything in our power to facilitate safe and reliable transactions for WotLK purchases, we also have some best practices you can utilize to ensure the maximum safety for your account.

1. Purchase Precautions:
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- Discuss the delivery method by messaging the seller directly (using our online chat ONLY).

3. Cautionary Measures:
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Stay vigilant while using Stashed to ensure a secure and trustworthy experience!
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