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Purchase Cataclysm Gold from stashed to access any desired quantity of Gold within WoW, promptly and efficiently.

Our Cataclysm Classic Gold marketplace serves as your avenue for securing the necessary Gold, boasting the fastest feasible delivery timelines in WoW Classic. Utilizing our marketplace provides an optimal solution to sidestep mundane and repetitive farming, enabling you to amass the Gold you require.

Gold stands as your currency for enjoying a seamless endgame experience. In light of this, Stashed extends the availability of millions of Cataclysm Gold for purchase, ensuring rapid delivery times while implementing comprehensive safety precautions.

Multiple Delivery Methods:

  • Mail
  • F2F
  • Auction House

Contact customer support through our live chat to find out if there are any more delivery options available for your server!


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Our boosters are the Top in the game with decades of gameplay experience, come and enioy

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Our boosters are the Top in the game with decades of gameplay experience, come and enioy

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All of our gold is acquired through legitimate player activities, ensuring reliability and a delivery time of less than 15 minutes. Traders will only receive payment upon your confirmation of the trade. Gold plays a crucial role in unlocking various types of content, allowing you to purchase essential items such as food, potions, flasks, BoE gear, gems, and other useful resources. Additionally, gold can be used to acquire new mounts or even redeem playing time through WoW Tokens. If you are in search of wow gold for sale, look no further. Stashed offers a wide selection of gold available on every realm for any faction.

Stashed Safety Guidelines:

1. Avoid engaging in in-game conversations with the seller.
2. Never return your gold to anyone; requests of this nature are likely to be scams. Your failure to adhere to these instructions means you take on all associated risks.
3. Remember, once the gold is in your possession, it is solely your responsibility. Neither the representatives of the website nor the individual sellers will be held accountable for how you choose to use or handle your gold.

Security and Trust: We've implemented secure transactions, offering an environment that utilizes only the highest security protocols to ensure the safety of your account and information.

Competitive Pricing: We offer the most competitive pricing and always have deals and discounts for WoW gold.

Fast Delivery: With incredibly optimized delivery systems, we're able to ensure that WoW gold is transferred to your account promptly after purchase. Quick delivery is a valuable aspect for many players so expect this when you choose Stashed.

Customer Support: We provide robust and top-tier customer support, ready to assist with any issues or inquiries related to the purchase of WoW gold.

Our number one goal is to ensure that you have the tools at your disposal to make World of Warcraft as fun as possible even if you have limited time to play the game all while maintaining top of the line security protocols.

How we ensure optimal safety and satisfaction:
1. 100% Hand Completed Services
2. 100% Transparency between you and your booster
3. Consistent Progress Updates
4. 24/7 Support Available
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